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Partnership of security structures «Voevoda»

Partnership of security structures «Voevoda»

Was founded in 2000 by retired officers of Federal Security Service of Russia (KGB).


Our main goal is to provide stable and secure atmosphere, which allows our Clients to fully concentrate on their business.

  • Protection of life and health of people, provision of legality and order ;
  • Professional reaction on fire hazards, infections, terrorism, collapse of constructions and buildings, attacks and aggressions;
  • To prevent losses and damages concerned with robbery and stealage.



Quality of service and control of knowledge is of highest priority for us. The quality control department allows the management of the company to take professional decisions in real time, to control the work of the company and to support a degree of quality of given services and personnel training at demanded level.

The following is going on:

  • Collection of information from the management of the Customers;
  • Collection of information from the mobile control groups;
  • Collection of information from the management of the objects.


To control the stuff we request characteristics from the previous places of work, information on presence of convictions or administrative offences, we carry out psychological testing with the use of polygraph (lie detector).

Training of the stuff and control of their knowledge is held out permanently, on the object itself as well as in the office through the inner testing. The main object of control is the presence of knowledge and exact algorithm of action in case of hazards (fire, collapse of constructions and buildings, terrorism, attacks and aggressions).

Multilevel system of motivation, oriented on the final goal objective allows to achieve the desirer able level of interest from the side of security guards.

Security services

  • Physical guard of the property objects (incl. single and episodical);
  • Prevent of damages, robbery and stealing;
  • Personal guard of the Clients;
  • Armed escort of cargos and material values on the territory of Russian Federation;
  • Provision of security of exhibitions, sales, promo actions and other public events.
  • Monitoring of the objects with departure of alarm group.

Services for business

  • Legal support of the business;
  • Organization of meeting and escort of guests and delegations;
  • Informational and analytic services;
  • Detective services;
  • Professional marketing audit by the method of “secret shopper”;
  • Presentation of the Client’s interests and cooperation with State authorities.

PSS “Voevoda” is:

  • Rich experience of security of different types of objects (from 2000);
  • Personal standards of quality of the service and training programs for the stuff on action in case of hazards;
  • Competitive prices, discounts for partners;
  • Presence of the department of the inner quality control and the level of the professional stuff;
  • Presence of the financial responsibility;
  • Personal 24-hour call center;
  • Full range of security services, wide range of the services for business;
  • Large stuff.

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